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Professional development helps your employees earn or maintain professional credentials such as Professional Educator's License through intensive and collaborative learning in an area of your choosing.  Professional development is also a requirement of accreditation institutions such as AdvancEdNAIS, and ACSI.


Private, nonprofit schools often have unique needs, as the professional development must be applicable and useful for teachers from preschool to elementary and middle to high school faculty and staff.   


Our firm can assist you with a professional development strategy that helps you meet the mission and vision of your institution, creation of training documents, delivery of professional development, and more.   
With your choice of onsite workshops or online services, how can we build a curriculum of professional development to help your institution meet your professional development needs?


Course Topics for Educators include:

Lesson Plans

Engaged Classrooms

Parental Communication

Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

Technology Utilization

Combatting Student Apathy & Facilitating Motivation

Differentiated Learning 

Rubrics & Rigor

Formative Assessments & Continuous Feedback Integration

Quality vs Quantity Teaching

Classroom Management and Expectations

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Digital Assessment Methods

Project Based Learning

Subject Specific 

Bullying and Suicide Prevention

Integrating Leadership into the Curriculum

Gamification of Learning


Course Topics for Directors, Leaders, and Board Members include

Fiduciary Responsibilities and Duties

Efficient and Effective Meetings

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Student Led Leadership


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