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KC&C Institute SpeakerS

Headshot of Dr. Katherine Spradley


"Dr. Spradley is a high energy speaker that captures the attention of the room while delivering entertaining and engaging academic content.  She hit it home with why people should care when so many miss that mark." 

-Student, Campbell University

"Kat has empathy mastered and uses it to passionately engage with people when she speaks.  If you are looking for a speaker that can capture the attention of your audience and get them caught up in her energy, book Kat." 

-Shannon G., Event Coordinator 

"She has a thorough knowledge of many different subject areas that, combined with her excellent verbal facility, enables her to express herself and present topics very well."

-Karen P., Administrator

Dr. Katherine Spradley 

Principal Consultant

  • Strategy & Decision Making

  • Digital Innovation & Training

  • Philanthropic passions

  • Empathy

"I have known Kat for years and anything she does is done in excellence! She is amazing!"

-Amanda M., Webster University 

"Anyone that knows Kat...that smile has always been contagious."

-Zaneta M. 

EMS 315 Conference Presentation by Dr. Katherine Spradley
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