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Broadridge & Blockchain

Broadridge was one of the vendors that K. Cradley & Co. met with during the 2019 Annual Trust Advisors Forum in Pinehurst, NC. What was immediately fascinating about this company's offerings was their recent investment in the blockchain industry to solidify their position a key participant and solutions provider in global capital markets technology including electronic proxy.

After meeting with one of their lead Account Managers, Mark Ayres, informed us how Broadridge is able to driver automation, mitigate risk, reduce costs, accelerate improvement, and protect privacy with its offering of services that includes but isn't limited to proxy processing, automated mutual fund and money market trading, simplify class action recovery, operational functionality (date of death calculations, worthless security research, income reclassification database, cost basis adjustments, and more), and insights that can help enhance customer service and growth business.

Perhaps one of the points that we like the most is the sophisticated analytics that allow firms valuable insight to investors and markets.

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