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Shop some of K. Cradley & Co's recommendations for how to grow and scale your business.  From product photography, to digital organization, and more, we help you find the tools you need to successfully grow your business.

Digital Organization Recommendations: 

We love using our iPads for de-papering, digitizing, and staying organized.  From taking notes with clients to brainstorming to annual planning, the iPad is our go to tool.  Bonus, it creates a method of backing up and sharing files for easier team management.

Must have apps include: Goodnotes (note taking and paper calendar alternative), Google Calendar, Gmail, Artful Agenda (if you like pretty and functional calendars), Kindle (reference books and documents), Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Procreate (for you art junkies).

Choose the mini version if you are looking for portable on the go, fit in your pocketbook/folio note taking. 

A strong battery back up is a must for any business owner.  This one can power your iPad, tablet, iPhone, phone, and even keep your laptop from dying as quickly.  

Choose the air version if you are looking for a little larger screen or carry a larger bag.  

The Apple Pencil brings more functionality to your iPad turning it into a digital notebook where you can write and erase just like on paper.  Bonus, the notes don't get lost.

Product Photography Recommendations: 

Taking photographs of your products doesn't have to be expensive.  Yes, you need a photographer eventually but sometimes as a business scales they need tools to help them scale.  

Must have items include: tripod, popup box, and lighting

A tripod allows you to reduce shake as well as get a consistent placement for photographs for products.  This one uses your phone as the camera.

A pop up box for smaller product photography allows for you to get a consistent background and clean photo of the details of your product.  Tip stand back and zoom in

A lighting kit ensures you have clear, crisp images without shadows and such that distract.  A 3-point lighting system is recommended with front and side lighting options. 

Stress Relief Recommendations: 

Being a business owner comes with a lot of stress.  We aren't experts in stress relief by any means but we have consulted with some of the best who have recommended the following.  Side note: multiple team members take these.  Of course always consult with your doctor before you start any new supplement or medication.  

This supplement is taken at night time and helps to regulate the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body.  

L-theanine is a substance that increases the levels of important neurotransmitters in the brain, such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters regulate various functions in the brain such as emotions, mood, concentration, alertness, sleep, appetite, energy, and other cognitive skills.

Recommended Reading: 

Lifelong learning is a passion of ours.  Because of that we have a few books that we recommend on the regular to our clients.    

Habits ensure that we are in the best frame of mind to be the best business owner and have a successful business.  These habits drive us when the motivation is weak.  

Once you have started making moves with your habits, it is time to align with your business goals.  


Winning with SEO will help even the novice frame the fundamentals for organic marketing.

Having the product or service that actually hits the pain point at a price point that your clients need is crucial.  

This book hits on both and gives you a framework to follow. 

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