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Accutech Systems: Trust & Investment Software Systems

Last week, K. Cradley & Co. met with Mr. Ray Unger, the founder of Accutech Systems where Mr. Unger emphasized a focus on strong relationships and results, as we discussed why K. Cradley & Co. clients should become Accutech clients. Accutech's focus is solely on the trust and investment industry making it unique to firms that are considering upgrading system software, a software conversion, or for individuals that are considering opening their own firm.

I was first introduced to Mr. Unger quite a few years ago at the Trust Advisors Forum in Pinehurst, NC by a private trust firm here in North Carolina. After speaking with quite a few attendees this year including one of Accutech's current clients, the Bank of Idaho, it became clear that this system software would become a recommended cloud option for our clients allowing ease of use, transparency, and high touch of clients from virtually anywhere a secure internet connection exists.

At a quick glance, built in modeling and robust dashboards allow for quick and accurate evaluations of portfolios and individual investments while the Accunet client portion opens the eyes of your clients allowing for transparency. While all the high touch bells and whistles are needed and useful, the best part in our opinion, is the ability to satisfy regulatory and internal policy requirements utilizing the alerts when accounts don’t meet the set strategy or review tolerances allowing you to serve your clients better.

At K. Cradley & Co., we are all about working #SmarterNotHarder in the #FinTech industry where #compliance rules. If you are opening your own firm or looking for ways to continuously improve operations, reach out and see how we can help you.

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