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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Desktop vs Mobile or should I say DeskSTOP.

Unfortunately, readers in the US are spending less and less time deciding if they are going to read your content. Let's start with finding your content. Over 75% of people only view the top 40% of the search results page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters. Once users navigate to your page, it is well-known that they don't often scroll (AKA scroll bounce) and in fact the majority only view the top 40% of your page...on a desktop. (Nielson Norman, 2018).

65% of users only view the top 40% of a desktop webpage.

Even more noteworthy is that 68.1% of content, globally, is viewed on a mobile device and about 61% in the US (Perficient, 2020). Partner that with a decrease in time spent on mobile vs desktop websites, and you have a recipe for a design disaster if you are not mobile friendly.

Average user spends >325 seconds on a desktop and <200 seconds on a mobile website.

That equates to a 38% drop in time spent on your website. And what does that mean for scrolling? As you are considering if your website meets your audiences' needs, also check your mobile site. Time means design. Well, time is money but money spent up front on design yields money in revenue from the increased web traffic generated by solid design and search engine optimization that limits, not eliminates scrolling.

Get Lean.

Content for mobile should be leaner than that of your desktop website. How do we know if you are hitting the mark? Analytics. Taking a look at your website statistics is vital in understanding how your audience's behavior changes from the desktop to the mobile view of your website. Are you losing people at a higher rate than average in the shift from desktop to mobile?

The quick and dirty: Limit scrolling. Get Lean. Focus views.

And when you find that you are ready to get you seen and optimized online by unifying branding and strategy for websites and social profiles, designing scalable digital processes, conducting research, and digitizing content including portals for your clients and employees, reach out for your free 15 minute consultation.

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