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Mobile is the Sweet Spot

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Why Mobile Optimization is Important

Are you reading this on your desktop or the convenience of your smartphone? If you are reading from your phone, it should come as no surprise that in 2021 the majority of internet traffic has and will continue to come from mobile devices.

To be the Same or Not the Same:

With the same content on a desktop and a smartphone, you may find yourself asking why should I worry about optimizing my site for mobile viewing.

A simple understanding of the difference between website design and mobile optimization will help to remove any uncertainty as to why mobile optimization of a site is a necessity.

Three basic types of device designs:

  • Desktop websites have a basic blueprint for desktops and laptops and aren’t optimized for mobile phones. Often content or graphics are cut off or lost with smaller mobile screens.

  • Responsive design websites are one version of a website that seeks to create content viewable on both mobile and desktop devices and adjusts to most screen sizes. While this sounds good in theory, response design can neglect the principle of simplification.

  • Mobile websites are created specifically for mobile devices purposefully simplifying and reducing distractions for an experience that will translate to more engagement.

Mobile Makes Majority

These trends make it clear that all websites should be prepared for the majority of their traffic to come from mobile devices.

Simplified navigation without detracting from the intended message and action.

Tips to optimize mobile design:

  • Establish (a) clear call(s) to action(s) in your premier real estate space (landing page)

  • Avoid long paragraphs; people are on the go and read in quick sprints or bullets

  • Make content scrollable or even better simplify to the most important content

  • Use only high-quality images that are clear even on small screens

  • Make any videos compatible with smart devices

How does this help you?

  • Can customers order from your online restaurant from their phones?

  • Can clients book an appointment from their phone?

  • Can customers order from you from their phones?

  • Can customers interact with you from their phones?

If you can’t answer with a confident ‘yes’ to the above questions, KC&C can help you be certain your site is optimized for mobile navigation. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today.

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