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COVID's Mobile Business Influences

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Change is inevitable. COVID sped it up.

From restaurants needing mobile menus and workflows to process to-go orders to businesses understanding the benefit of transitioning staff to fully remote status, K. Cradley & Co has been able to help hundreds make changes to optimize their online experiences. We assisted businesses in updating websites, creating online portals, converting documents, creating QR codes, and establishing workflows for symptom checks, in-processing, and strategic changes.

QR Code Come Back

K. Cradley & Co assisted businesses in creating QR codes that were utilized for accessing menus, paperless documents, and processes. The QR codes surged into other arenas allowing customers to access web portals for automated online check-ins, participate in symptom checking protocols with ease, order and checkout touch-free, send targeted text and email, and more.

And the great part is mobile phones are ready with most being able to scan the codes with the native camera app. If you are ready to get a basic QR code, look here or for something with integrated automations, reach out to us.

Website and Marketing Updates

Website updates kept customers who couldn't visit in person engaged with businesses. It also meant businesses had to re-evaluate how they were engaging with their customers, both current and potential. How would they reach the customer who visited once a week who may now not have the same interaction opportunities? Restaurants scrambled to get menus fully online in a clear legible format. And businesses who had once relied on social media alone found that the tool set offered by the big giants wasn't sufficient to ensure a seamless client experience. Email campaigns and workflows were born and businesses who adapted quickly to this change, flourished.

If you want to learn more about email campaigns click here or if you want to learn more about us helping to create for you, click here.

Employee and Client Portals

Portals of information for exclusive content, whether developing structures through web design or helping to facilitate file sharing structures with giants such as Google and Microsoft, have been key to ensuring employees and clients have information at their fingertips. Exclusive membership areas allowed another way for businesses to remain in contact with their customers.

Quick and dirty: Change happens. Adapt quickly to ensure success. Learn ways to streamline and automate to meet your strategic goals. QR Codes, Websites, and Portals keep clients and potential clients engaged. Make it easy to do business with you.

And when you are ready to collaborate to ensure you are seen and optimized online by unifying branding and strategy for websites and social profiles, designing scalable digital processes, conducting research, and digitizing content including portals for your clients and employees, reach out to us.

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