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Engineer Success Through Strategy

Strategic planning utilizes centuries of learnings (ahem your replacement word for failures) to help you avoid common pitfalls and blinders and engineer operational excellence to elevate your success.

Early on in the creation process of your business or organization, there was likely a great deal of brainstorming and a lot of ideas of how you or the founders of your organization thought it would be. Through business planning and daily operations, that plan is likely no longer a guiding document for your organization. So what do you do next?


A client recently asked if Lean Planning was a viable alternative to Strategic Planning to which we had to reply with several explanations. Lean Planning is a tool that is referred to in industry as a "quick and dirty" (but awesome tool) that works well for start-ups to reduce the investment of time due to development cycles and targeting the right product for the right clients. By using bullet points and lists to plan, the formality and time it takes to complete the Lean Planning is reduced but still provides a powerful and effective tool to manage strategy and tactics for your organization. Download our freebie Lean Planning PDF to get a better idea of what it can look like for your organization. And if you would like some help getting started, schedule a free 15 minute call so we can help you utilize one area of this planner that you are struggling with.

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