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Ready to Adapt?

Is your organization ready to adapt? Ready for change? Ready to implement a new technology or software? Did you know that success of this implementation depends on the organization's readiness for change? This is exactly why K. Cradley & Co. partnered with the Readiness for Change Institute to be able to offer our clients increased levels of readiness to increase the likelihood of implementation success.

Is a 70% failure rate acceptable for your organization?

A 70% failure rate (Pung and Meaney, 2008) isn't acceptable at K. Cradley & Co. and it shouldn't be for your organization either. Knowing your readiness for change score can help your organization prepare for the changes to come. Dr. M. Carey Dukes, founder of the Readiness for Change Institute developed an instrument that can be used to assess you or your organization's readiness for change. The scoring is simple and is based off of years of research including that of Weiner, 2008. The assessment allows you to determine you or your organizations readiness showing that with increased levels of readiness, the likelihood of implementation success increases and with lower levels of readiness, the likelihood of implementation failure increases.

Survival is optional. No one has to change. -Deming

Are you ready to adapt and change to consistently keep you and your organization at the forefront of your industry? Let us introduce you to our partner, The Readiness for Change Institute today.

RCI is a referral partner for K. Cradley & Co. All content within RCI is property of RCI.

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