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Teaching Empathy

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

The seeds of empathy are sown at a young age.

Once seen as a soft skill, this must-have business skill can benefit those from the pre-K to industry, which is why K. Cradley & Co. strongly believes in giving back to schools integrating a unique approach to teaching empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and imagine the thoughts and feelings of another person or in layman's terms, to be able to walk in another's shoes but how does this impact the business world?

Does your small business or nonprofit see the value in teaching empathy to employees?

Scenarios and simulations offer students some of the best ways to learn as they are able to see the practical implication or utilization of the skills taught. In the business sector, this skill results in improved engagement with clients, increased loyalty and trustworthiness, and increased sales. Businesses with more empathetic employees also experience a more respectful and open workplace, leading to higher employee satisfaction.

People first or profits first? Build quality and the quantity will follow.

Build the infrastructure needed to put people and quality first. Schedule a session to discuss professional development on empathy today to better engage your clients and customers and increase sales through increased customer loyalty. Connecting with us is free.

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