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A Case for the Long Game: SEO

As a business, when we hear "long game," several thoughts come to mind: significant investments, delayed results, and the frustration of immediate gratification being pulled away.

It all started with a text:

"I seriously owe you guys lunch"

But understand, this success didn't originate from something we did this past week or even this month. It is the result of cumulative efforts over time.

We first met Jillian Knowles over two years ago in a series called 60 for 60. These sessions focused on one hour of work with a brand to address whatever the client felt was needed. Jillian came in with a brand clarification issue, and we quickly discovered that her positioning as an expert photographer in her areas was not well highlighted.

JRKnowles website on a laptop.
JRKnowles website on a laptop.

She went on to text:

"This US Open [golf] job I got because they found me on Google. I’m a freaking hour and 15 minutes away from Pinehurst and I still popped up."

How did this happen?

Well, my friends, it wasn't AI. It was the result of carefully constructing a marketing strategy that encompassed two crucial aspects: SEO and her Google Business Profile. Both played a significant role in this success. They may not seem exciting at first, but they certainly are when you get that call.

The call that comes because your webpage specifically states exactly what you do.

Jillian Knowles with her camera taking a picture of her taking a picture
Jillian Knowles with her camera taking a picture of her taking a picture

That call was to Jillian Knowles, inviting her to photograph the sponsor's tents at the US Open PGA Tour, an event with a prize pool exceeding $21 million. They were looking for a skilled real estate photographer with experience in capturing people—both skills Jillian had honed over the last nine years.

Big names like ally, Deloitte, Cisco, American Express, Lexus, Sentry, and Rolex among others had set up their spaces as part of their sponsorship and now Jillian had the opportunity to photography them with JRKnowles Photography.

Would this opportunity exist with paid marketing? Perhaps. But what if it was during a period of halting paid marketing? This highlights why the foundational aspects of organic marketing are crucial for establishing a brand presence. If you are looking to shore up your brand and marketing, reach out to K. Cradley & Co for a consultation to see how we can help you achieve your goals. We love text messages like this that highlight how small changes can yield big results. #SEO #organicmarketing #marketing #kcc #kcradleyandco #successstory

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