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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

When you think of an online degree, quality is not likely your first thought. The stigma associated with online degrees has been perpetuated by the "sage on the stage" model which has long been inefficient and lacking engagement at best.

When we ask you the best place to get an online degree, what is your first thought? Maybe your answer is why is a blog about strategic planning and engineering excellence asking this question.

K. Cradley is a proud part of Campbell Online's history

It is because we can help do this for your organization too. We are so happy for our friends at Campbell University Online receiving recognition for the amazing work that went into building and growing this program.

Our principle consultant, Dr. Katherine Spradley was the founding Director of Campbell University Online programs. In her tenure, certificates, associate, bachelor, and master degrees were strategically planned and carefully curated to build with quality from the start analyzing the needs of the surrounding market, building a quality online presence, implementing and integrating technology, and ensuring resources were effectively utilized to engineer excellence. We can engineer this success for your organization as well.

For more information on the US News and Ranking for Campbell University click on the image below:

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