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Ready, Set, Dash(board)!

Unfortunately middle and upper management are now expected to not only interpret data but interact with data and analytics, absorbing the roles that were once performed by analyst, administrative roles, and lower management.

What happens if you can't or your upper management can't create the dashboards (yes plural) that allow analysis and interpretation of the data to solve the problems in real time? If you don't commit to change and commit to adapt, you commit to fail. This is happening in every industry from law, to finance, to education, to software development.

You are not immune.

Your organization is not immune to these changes.

How do you fix this deficiency? Charles Dawin might have have said it best:

"It is not the biggest, brightest, or the best that will survive, but those that adapt the quickest."

If you are not quick to adapt, then you will not survive. Adaptation means committing to learn a new skill. At K. Cradley & Co., we believe in not only teaching the core principals of dashboards and analytics but working intimately in a consultative manner with your management personnel to ensure that they have the skills and practice to build the dashboards that will allow them to provide exemplary service clients and customers (and it turn your business) and problem solving across vertical and functional areas.

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